A.P. Møller Capital P/S (APMC) is a limited liability partnership incorporated and registered in Denmark, with CVR no. 38284967, and registered office at Esplanaden 50, 1263 Copenhagen, Denmark. APMC is authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (in Danish: Finanstilsynet) as a manager of alternative investment funds (AIFM) with Finanstilsynet-Nr. 23.129 - cf. the Alternative Investment Fund Managers etc. Act section 11, para 3. APMC acts as the AIFM of Africa Infrastructure Fund I K/S, authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. A.P. Møller Capital P/S (DIFC Branch) is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority to provide advice and arrange deals in investments, with registered office address at Al Fattan Currency House Tower 2, 15th Floor, Units 1502-1503, P.O Box 507271, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. APMC DIFC acts as investment advisor and arranger to APMC.

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Where to find us


A.P. Møller Capital P/S
Lyngby Hovedgade 85,
Kongens Lyngby, Denmark,


A.P. Møller Capital P/S (DIFC Branch)
Al Fattan Currency House 2-1502/1503
DIFC Dubai
United Arab Emirates


A.P. Moller Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Marina Bay Financial Center
Tower 1, 14th Floor

A.P. Møller Capital P/S is governed and regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager. A.P. Møller Capital P/S (DIFC Branch) is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority to provide advice and arrange deals in investments, to support the headquarter in Denmark. A.P. Moller Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of A.P. Møller Capital P/S, is exempt from licensing to provide advice on investments to its shareholder.

How to contact us


Melanie Beck
T: +971 55 588 6592


Peter Wernberg Nielsen
T: +45 20 44 93 77


Kelly Lynch
T: +45 31 42 94 99

Complaints & Whistle-blowing

A.P. Moller Capital has appointed the Head of Compliance as Complaints Manager.


A.P. Moller Capital has implemented a whistle-blower system and encourages you to help fight corruption, business crime and other unacceptable business conduct.